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Smart Solar LED Street LIghting Controlling Solutions


-Control-self for Solar Panel, LED, Battery

Solar Panel
LED Luminaries
Super WIFI
Efficient LED Lighting
Solar Panel
5G/IOT gateway
Climate monitoring
CCTV camera
LED display
Charging station

Smart City Controlling System

--Build safe, energy-saving, humanized smart city

Integrated Network solution

--All of the luminaries controlled by remote signals and wireless/IPC

Stand-alone solution

--Luminaries self-controlled by RTU

* One of the major concerns for cities is the reduction of public expenditure. A large chunk of this spending goes on energy bills,with public lighting accounting for 40% of the total. Thanks to owlet, the smart control solutions offered byKINTEN, cities and building managers can
reduce their energy bills by up to 85%. In addition, they manage expenses more efficiently, improve maintenance and asset management and provide increased safety with enhanced well-being for their citizens.
* Including of City sensing layer, Wifi coverage, video surveillance, climate monitoring, and even car charging point
* The Autonomous Network Dimming system enables luminaries to communicate together in a wireless network to provide dynamic profile dimming. The dimming profile can easily be changed by simply connecting wirelessly a laptop to one luminaries without using any tools. The new configuration will be deployed to all the luminaries in the network
* The solution is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network. It is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaries at all times from anywhere in the world. Thanks to bi-directional communication, the operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored. Thanks to its open source Zigbee technology and its flexible MySQL workflow, the system can easily be associated to third party systems through data bridges. This flexibility increases the functionalities far beyond lighting.
* A wireless networked LED street lighting system with centralized and remote control technology has emerged as an innovative smart city application with great potential to reduce energy cost and enhance public safety.
* A pilot system integrated within a campus microgrid demonstrates the benefits of two smart city applications for public safety enhancement, while revealing multiple cyber-security challenges
​* Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently. This type of control system is ideal for areas with little activity at night such as pedestrian areas,parks, car parks and warehouses. Basic solutions encompass:

* Intelligent drivers with features such as an astronomical clock for a constant adaptation of the dimming profile, constant light output to eliminate over lighting and scheduled dimming with multi-level programs;

* Integrated photocell to switch the luminaries on or off following the level of natural light;

* Motion and speed detection sensors that enable interactive dimming. Lighting can be adjustable by the controller built-in fixture, function as Timer / Daylight Sensor / Motion Sensor ( Microwave Sensor, PIR sensor, etc)
Stand-alone solution circuit diagram
Stand-alone solution circuit diagram