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Industrial Lighting
Factory,supermarket,station,warehouse Luminaires; IP65 protection class; working stable during long life spam

Replacement of HPSL and MHL;Base stype: E40; E27, Mounting; Maxmimun power 200 Watts in LED resource​​​; Lighting Beam-Angle 360

Factory and Warehouse Luminaires; various lighting beam-angle can be choosed,  IP65 protection class; working stable during long life spam
Floodlighting and spotlighting for building, constructions; various shape stype,  >IP65 waterproof protection; working stable during long life spam
EMC(Energy Management Controlling) keeps road/street lighting energy most effiecient and humanization, to increase grean air, grean water, grean situation
Acoordinated to the ceiling stype worldwide, CRI>80, Luminaires efficiency>130Lm/Watt, suitable for office room, hostipal, business situations,etc.
IP65, 8 watts; 12 watts; 15 watts; 18 watts; 24watts. Emergency and Sensor customized, easily fitting and maintence
IP44;  3watts; 5watts; 7watts; 9watts; 12watts. easily fitting and maintence,white and black color
Maximum power 56watts;  nice proformance UGR. milky cover and good heat-sink, stable works in indoor room

Surface mounting to ceiling,CCT can be adjustable with remote controlling switch,CRI>80, Luminaires efficiency>130Lm/Watt, suitable for office room, hostipal, business situations,etc.

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we do not only making LED, we need know AND MASTER LED information everyday

KINGLIVING founded in 2008,  Company headquarters is located in the legendary world of electronic city - ShenZhen, this city established the first Special Economic Zone since China's reform and opening up. is the window of China's reform and opening up, and development to become a have certain influence to the internationalization of city, created a remarkable "ShenZhen speed".

Looking at the world and future, KINGLIVING in order to achieve green, energy saving, environmental protection, cultural vision for the team, to create the products for human use for sustainable development, with "humane green products" as the core business, The portable and intelligent Electric Unicycle, High quality LED lighting as the main products, 

KINGLIVING branch brothers:

                                                                                           Shenzhen KINGLIVING Ltd ( for Manufacturer)

                                                                                           KongKong KINGLIVING Ltd ( for Trading)

 Professional R & D, production, sales, after-sales team to provide strong technical and personnel support for the company's development. On developing domestic and foreign markets have a full hands-on experience. At present, we have five engineers, R & D staff of 13 people, the management staff of 56 people, 18 production director, sales staff of 32 people, after-service 18 people, 350 people shop operator. 16 large-scale test equipment, SMT machine 26 sets (Panasonic brand), 8 assembly lines, testing equipment 16 sets.

Since its inception KINGLIVING has always been to "expand business scale, increasing business varieties, the implementation of brand strategy, strengthen enterprise management" as a business development goals. Adhere to the "based on sincerity , customer first" service aims to "survive on Quality, to efficiency and development" business philosophy.

Green - We only produce sustainable development products. User-friendly design, safe use is our commitment to our customers, we guarantee zero emissions products.

Brand - which lasted for ten years, KINGLIVING brand has been all over the world, Such as Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, United States, Dubai and so on. The customer support and our efforts to lay a solid foundation for KINGLIVING.

We are through the different levels of media publicity cooperation, network propaganda is dominant. Will promote corporate culture, philosophy, idea development blueprint, environmental protection and other development model and adapt to modern people's needs.  Will truly green, energy-saving, environmental protection, cultural spread through the mass media. Enterprises since its inception, has always insisted that "quality, innovation, unity".——Every employee a monthly basis deducted from the salary of their part as a poor college students love fund. Business is also to provide relevant professional internship opportunities for combat training. With practice to test the theoretical knowledge of the essence. Improve students' professional skill level and social experience, For the future really set foot on social accumulate valuable experience. 

Shenzhen Kingliving Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has been the corporate culture as the soul of the whole enterprise. is the soft power of enterprise development. Company after the practice, discussion, Sums up the related business model, integrated marketing, product image and positioning strategy formulation and confirmation, promote the development of the enterprises related industries.

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